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Training Courses

Nationally Accredited Mediation Training and other Conflict Resolution short courses.

Mental Health First Aid Training

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Training for Schools

Peer Mediation
(Primary and Secondary Schools)



Aims Of The Program
To teach students an awareness of conflict in their own lives and how they respond to it.
To teach students an appreciation of the differences between people.
To teach students skills such as listening, critical thinking and problem-solving in relation to their own conflicts as well as the problems of their peers.
To teach students the ability to talk clearly to other students experiencing conflict.
To provide an empowering process; where students learn to assume greater responsibility for resolving their own problems.
To increase the school's capacity to respond to student problems and free teachers, administrators and support staff to concentrate more on teaching and academic issues than on discipline.

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SRC Training

ImageThe program is provided as a one day practical workshop that will allow students, selected onto the Student Representative Council to participate in a series of activities that will assist them in supporting each other and understanding more clearly the different role and functions of an SRC.

Coming onto an SRC for the first time can seem a highly daunting task and often one which may in its first appearance seem somewhat bewildering. This preventative program assists students to work through the anxieties of coping with this new responsibility within the school community.

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