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Professor Murray Cree - Consultant, Victoria

Murray Cree- BA, MA [Hons Social Work]
- Cert IV in Training and Assessment
- Cert in Professional Mediation
- Exec Diplomas in Workplace and Business Coaching

Professional profile
Murray is a professional workplace mediator, coach and counsellor. He has been working in the people management field since 1980 as a professional development facilitator and conflict solver. He has an extensive background in managing small and large conflict situations. He has a strong focus on developing internal leadership capability. Murray considers that many mediation situations reflect two-way communication and understanding problems. Given his psychological and counselling background, Murray recognises that many sources of conflict stem from past experiences that have not been properly resolved.

Mediation and Conflict Skill fields
Conflict and creative tension is a part of success in everyday life. When the dynamics of conflict turn negative then creative success opportunities disappear. Mediation has some strong areas in which it is possible to rebuild trust, cooperation and success, these include –

Workplace relationships
Team dynamics
Leadership development
Performance management
Succession planning and implementation
Family and family business conflict
Interpersonal relationships
Organisational change processes
Critical incident stress management
Grief and loss experiences
Management development

Client profile
His clients range from individuals and executives through to family businesses, government departments and corporate clients. His clients have included – Australia Post, Australian Red Cross, Lowy Institute, Infosys, Dept of Human Services – Vic, Australian Business Coaching Institute, Learning Dimensions, Centrelink, National Australia Bank, TABCorp, Public Trust Office – Qld, Aviva, Local governments, AMP, education clients at various levels, small – medium businesses and various family businesses.

Mediation background
Murray has an extensive range of mediation and conflict management experience. His social work counselling and clinical practice exposure has given him a really broad understanding of human behaviour. As former Professor of Business from Monash University, he brings to the mediation table a rather unusual appreciation of how conflict impacts workplace productivity and culture. This combination of business and counselling skills has provided Murray with a deep realisation of the value of mediation as a problem-solving process. His first formal evaluation took place in 1974 when the successor and the incumbent could not collaborate to manage the hand-over from one to another. Both managers had unresolved feelings about each other and so the need for mediation arose.

On the people side of the mediation process, Murray has been involved in many family and peer disputes. He has been called on to deal with a broad array of situations across many organisations. These range from ballet students through to high school graduates who have found the transition from school to work difficult and challenging.

Services available
• Formal mediation
• Informal mediation
• Personal and workplace coaching
• Professional counselling
• Critical incident stress management
• Mediation skills training –
   - Peer mediation
   - Individual mediation
   - Group mediation
   - Family dispute resolution