Training - Nationally Accredited Mediation Training

MEDIATION is a process of conflict resolution that facilitates the communication between people and helps those in conflict understand the other person’s point of view.

This intensive 3 day course of Mediation Training is for professionals who wish to learn the skills required for creative conflict resolution i.e. to develop knowledge and techniques of mediation which will be useful in your present job. Mediation is a very useful skill to possess, as it is a crucial part of conflict management. Managers, human resource officers, coaches -- many professions can benefit from developing such skills.

Please note that in order to become an accredited mediator you will need to complete a further two days (five days in total)..

The course also allows a deeper understanding of how conflict occurs and how the language we use can affect others.

The course has an excellent theoretical component but also provides hands-on work with a substantial number of practical tips included.

Those completing the course will be able to mediate in a range of situations including; Family, Parent/Adolescent, Workplace, Neighbourhood disputes and Restorative Justice Mediation.

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Training includes comprehensive notes, morning and afternoon tea. Lunch is available to purchase from the vibrant cafe scene located all around this training venue.

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