"Mediation course was very informative and fun. It was different from other courses I have done because it addressed all aspects of mediation and was very experiential. I now feel confident to take the skills I have learnt into my professional setting."
- Simon Stewart (Crisis Support Services – MLA counselor)

"Mediation was very challenging, the role plays were very valuable to utilize our new skills."
- Hadassah Schmebri (Galang Place Counselling Service)

"Fabulous, great new skills. Very useful. Well worth the experience."
- Linda Carmody (Youth Justice Conference Convenor)

"Very well run, multiple role plays very useful, as was lots of real life examples. Manual well designed."
- Craig Rowley (Regional Service Co-ordinator MS Society)

"Entertaining, enjoyable, informative and helped me develop a most valuable skill to take back to the workplace."
- Heather Stone (Staff Services Co-ordinator Lalor North Secondary College)

"This course was great in every aspect. I have gained invaluable experiences, training and the opportunity to participate as an individual and team worker. Fred’s enthusiasm is infectious."
- Lorraine Morrison (Integrated Aide – First Aid Officer)

"I think the course is excellent value for money."
- Rachel Clark (Recruitment worker – Anglicare)

"Thoroughly enjoyed the whole program. Can see many uses for the skills learned in all areas of life not just a professional level."
- Sally Wheeler (Co-ordinator of Transport Volunteers)

"Excellent use of real life examples. Relaxed yet productive."
- Sandra Grantham (Heatley Adult Secondary College)

"I appreciated the step by step approach = the way we built up our skill/knowledge base.+
- Susan Gunn (Deputy Principal)

"Training was very good, did not nod off once. Valuable and useful."
- Neil Waters (Deputy Principal – Logan Reserve State School)

"Trainer was very open to questions and gave very good/descriptive examples of past experiences. Good atmosphere, good flow."
- Henry Fareti (SAAP Support Worker)

"Thank you for a great course, very interesting and informative, very useful."
- Peter Murphy (Chaplain, Gympie State High School)

"It was fantastic, some of the best training I’ve ever done. Kept me awake."
- Tammy Gourvelos (Youth Worker)

"The course has given me valuable tools to take away for use in both my professional and private life."
- Kylie Lindsay (Property Facilitator)

"Great work Fred – felt comfortable with your presentation and facilitation of the 3 days."
- Tony Butcher (Reconnect Case Manager)

"The model was presented in simple and comprehensive and with practice, easy to apply."
- Richard Hebbard (Private Investigator)

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