Schools - Teen Mental Health First Aid Course

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What age group was this program designed for?

    This program is designed to be run for young people in either Year 10, 11 or 12 (or for youth groups such as scouting, cadets, etc.  Young people who would be within the age bracket as for the above year levels).

  2. We have a mixture of ages as we have a group that young people attend. Can they all be included?

    Where your group is mixed, the rule of thumb is that they need to be of an age where they would be at the Year 10 level or above.

  3. Is it only for school students or can other youth groups have this program run for them?

    We welcome enquiries from diverse groups that operate for young people in our community. They include scouting groups, cadets, specific cultural groups etc

  4. What is the length of the program?

    The length of the program is at least three sessions of 75 minutes per session (the session can be slightly longer ie up to 90 minute sessions).

  5. Can we run this program all on the one day?

    The sessions need to be spaced over a minimum of three days. Ideally a week apart  so young people can take in and process the information. However we are happy to discuss your needs.

  6. Can we have a select group of young people complete this course?

    In the case of schools, we can only offer the course to the whole year level ie all Year 10s or all Year 11s etc.  This is because it is important that students trained don’t feel an obligation to look after all students in their year level.  This is primarily for each of them to assist friends. We also feel that all students should be given this opportunity to participate not just a select few as these are important life skills. In the case of other groups of young people please feel free to call and discuss how the program may be run.

  7. Are there any other requirements with running this program?

    In order to run this program, schools/organisations need to provide a welfare/counsellor that will be available whilst the program is being run. It is also a condition that some staff have been trained in Youth Mental Health First Aid (see our training dates).

  8. Are there materials to give to parents & young people before the program commences?

    We provide standard letters that can be given to both parents and young people before the course commences that explains what the program is about.

  9. How much does this program cost to run?

    There are two cost components to this program. Firstly each student receives a manual, wallet card and certificate at the end of the course. The cost per student for the materials is $9. The other cost is for the trainer to come out and run the program. Depending upon the number of sessions, days etc we will provide a quote once you have decided how you would like the program run.

  10. Is it OK for someone from our school/organisation to run the program once they’ve seen it?

    The only people permitted to run this program are those who are currently accredited as being able to deliver Youth Mental Health First Aid programs as well as being trained to deliver the Teen Mental Health First Aid program.

  11. Can you provide more than one trainer so we can have multiple groups being run at the same time?

    Yes we can. Once you work out the schedule in terms of time you want the program run, we will provide a quote.

  12. Has this program been road tested? What did the students think?

    This program was tested out on both students who attend public and private schools. They made many suggestions as to how other students might like to see the program run. The feedback from students/staff/parents etc has been very positive both in the delivery and content of the program.


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