Frequently Asked Questions - Option 2, Blended Face to Face and Online Learning

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Q. Do you require previous study or special skills to do the mediation courses on offer?

A. There are no pre-requisites to do any of our courses. However there is an assumption that you have good listening skills; an important part of being a mediator.

Q. I've noticed you've got courses of other lengths and duration, but I want to do a basic three day course. Can I do just the first three days?

A. Yes, you may choose to do the first three days of any course as it will teach you the basic mediation skills. Within a two year period of completing this course you could continue if you wish to become a nationally accredited mediator (once you also complete some additional homework) on top of the final two days. The cost for the final two day course should you choose to complete the first three days is $975.00

Q.What is an accredited mediator?

A. To become an accredited mediator you must meet the standards as set down by the National Practice Standards (links to these standards can be found at

Your final assessment (a minimum of a 1.5 hour role-play) is assessed independently from the trainers in your course. You are graded as either competent or not yet competent.

Should you be graded as not yet competent in this assessment, conflictsolvers has a process in place to lodge a formal review and have your work re-considered within this framework.

Q. If I only do the three day course am I able to practice mediation still and call myself a mediator?

A. Yes, you can call yourself a mediator (and should process the skills necessary to conduct a mediation session). Under the new standards, you can not use the title “accredited mediator”. Many employment positions do not require someone to be an accredited mediator as mediation may only be a small part of their workload e.g. community workers, teachers, social workers, HR, etc

Q. Once I've finished the initial three day training, how do I organise the last two days on-line.

A.When you are ready to complete the final two days, we can negotiate times that are suitable in finalising your accreditation. You can either do this prior to the three days or at sometime after you finished your first lot of training. Rules allow for up to two years to complete your training, however we suggest this may be somewhat too long in order to keep your skills fresh.

Q. Why is the three days course followed by the two day on-line cheaper than the entire course on-line?

A.By attending the three day course and completing your skills face to face, there is considerably less work to help you finalise your accreditation than the individual on-line course.

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