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Beryl Raufer - Consultant, Victoria

Beryl Raufer- BA, Post – grad Dip in Change Management
- Dip Ed, Cert IV in Training and Assessment
- Cert in Professional Mediation
- Exec Diploma in Workplace Coaching

Professional profile
Beryl has an extensive record of management and leadership in the education and non-for-profit sectors. Formerly a change management consultant in the secondary education sector, Beryl has a strong understanding of the need for conflict management in schools. As a former deputy secretary general of the Australian Red Cross, Beryl has been an adviser and facilitator in national and international conflict situations. Beryl has organisational conflict management experience. Beryl is currently a senior manager in the community delivery of Aged Care services and part-time lecturer in Human Resource Management.

Mediation and Conflict Skill fields
Conflict and interpersonal tension is a common part of everyday life. Beryl understands how conflict skills need to be developed in schools and among teenagers as part of their everyday life coping skills. Mediation has some strong areas in which it is possible to rebuild trust, cooperation and success, these include –

Workplace relationships
Team dynamics
Leadership development
Performance management
Succession planning and implementation
School conflicts
Interpersonal relationships
Organisational change processes
Critical incident stress management
Grief and loss experiences
Student relationships

Mediation background
Beryl has a long history mediation and conflict management. She began to work with medication methods and processes as a senior high school teacher. Her move across to being a change consultant to schools and their principals took her into the organisational dynamics of conflict and their management. Organisational culture issues surfaced frequently as a barrier to conflict resolution. In her senior executive role in the Australian Red Cross, Beryl was responsible for resolving numerous interpersonal and structural conflicts and tensions within a large, high profile, values-based organisation. As a teacher of human resource management skills, Beryl also trains and develops young professionals in conflict management.

Services available
• Formal mediation
• Informal mediation
• Personal and workplace coaching
• Professional counselling
• Critical incident stress management
• Mediation skills training –
   - Peer mediation
   - Individual mediation
   - Group mediation
   - Family dispute resolution